Follow-up study of fatty liver disease

Follow-up study of fatty liver disease identified through imaging

In a previous study leveraging data in the HUS datalake, we identified around 60 000 - 70 000 individuals who had had a finding of fatty liver disease in radiological imaging between 2010-2021. We will now invite for a follow-up study a subgroup of 1000 individuals through the Helsinki biobank.

We will investigate the factors affecting the progression of fatty liver disease into more severe forms (like fibrosis or cirrhosis) as well as development of cardiovascular complications. We will perform laboratory measurements related to glucose and lipid metabolism and liver tests. The connective tissue (fibrosis) and fat content of the liver will be studied by elastography.  The sensitivity to the hormone glucagon will be studied by giving glucagon into a blood vein – this way we can investigate the association between liver glucagon sensitivity and liver fat.

You cannot register for this study without an invitation. Individuals suitable for the study will be invited.  

Primary investigators:  Tiinamaija Tuomi ja Niina Matikainen