Direva is the diabetes register of Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia, which is carried out in co-operation with the Botnia-study, University of Helsinki and Lund University in Malmö.

Direva is a long term follow-up study which begun in 2007. In 2022, there are nearly 8000 people with diabetes in the register. Estimation is that there are about 10 000 people with diabetes in the Ostrobothnia region.

The objective is better and individualized care of diabetes. To reach out this objective we need more information about the patients with diabetes and about the progress of the disease. Our aim is to register all the people who have diabetes in the Ostrobothnia region, in able to reach the most extensive and reliable information. For more information, please visit DIREVA webpages.


Beat-DKD is a collaborative study between DIREVA, FinnDiane study and other European partners. The objective of this EU-funded collaborative project (IMI/115974, Biomarker Enterprise to Attack Diabetic Kidney Disease – BeatDKD) is to clarify the origin and development of diabetic kidney disease, in order to identify diabetic patients, who have an elevated risk of kidney disease and to offer efficient care to prevent the development of the disease. In the study the follow-up data is collected on the development of kidney disease among diabetic patients. Blood and urine samples will be analyzed to find new markers, which predict the quick progress of the diabetic kidney disease.