I am the principal investigator and Academy of Finland Research Fellow in the Fungal Genetics and Biotechnology group. My research interests include functional genomics of plant biomass degrading asco- and basidiomycete fungi and enzymatic conversion of plant biomass.


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University researcher, PhD

My research focuses on the characterization and production of laccases. My studies also include dye decolorization by fungi and the impact of nano-metals to fungal enzyme production.


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Laboratory technician

MSc student

My research focuses on plant polysaccharide degradation related regulators of basidiomycete fungi.

Dr. Sadegh Mansouri

I graduated in October 2017. I focused on plant biomass modifying enzymes of ascomycete fungi in my PhD thesis.   link to my tuhat pages

Dr. Johanna Rytioja

I studied enzymatic plant cell wall degradation by the white rot fungus Dichomitus squalens. I graduated 2016.   link to my tuhat pages