We are a small team of scientists interested in early human development.
Sanna Vuoristo, Principal Investigator
Pauliina Paloviita, MSc, PhD student, DPBM

Pauliina joined Functional Embryo Genomics Lab in 2019, when the lab was only taking its very first steps. Pauliina works on her PhD thesis project focusing on micro-RNA biology in early human embryo development. In their first paper Pauliina profiled small RNAs in consecutive stages from human GV oocytes to 8-cell stage embryos ( 

Sonja Nykänen, MSc, PhD student, DPBM

Sonja joined the lab in autumn 2020 and received a doctoral researcher position at the Doctorral Program in Biomedicine (DPMB) in January 2022. Sonja's PhD thesis focuses on the nuclear organization of human pre-implantation embryos. 

Heli Grym, BSc

Heli joined the group in January 2023 to keep the lab organized and rocking n rolling. Heli actively participates in our research projects and is especially skilled in running FACS and keeping our human pluripotent stem cell cultures happy.  

Rebecca Granskog, BSc

Rebecca is an undergraduate student studying genetics at the University of Helsinki. Rebecca works together with Pauliina to understand how certain micro-RNAs regulate early human development. 

Lab Alumni

Currently at Inborn and acquired immunodeficiencies group (Kekäläinen lab), University of Helsinki, Finland

Currently studying biology at the University of Helsinki.