Pyhäjärvi Lab loves trees

We are a happy bunch of forest-tree and science loving people!

Tanja Pyhäjärvi, Associate Professor

Tanja is excited about evolution, population genetics, conifers, large genomes and Lapponian Herders!

Chedly Kastally

Chedly Kastally is a post doctoral fellow working on demographic modelling, population genomic methods, pedigree analyses and is a skilled bioinformatician.

Alina Niskanen

Alina Niskanen is a post doctoral fellow working on B4EST H2020 project. She is interested in the effects and causes of inbreeding depression and also works on spatial genetic structure of Pinus sylvestris.

Jaana Vuosku

Jaana is a post doctoral fellow working for the R'Llife FOREVER project. She is a plant physiologist interested in genome wide gene expression regulation in forest trees.

Sandra Cervantes

Sandra is a PhD student interested on conifer haploid life stage effects on genetic diversity and purifying selection.

Robert Kesälahti

Robert is a PhD student interested in allele-specific expression and genomic imprinting evolution in conifers.

Jenni Sirén
Pihla Kuikka
Kaarle Mäkela
Eeva Vakkari