Pyhäjärvi Lab loves trees

We are a happy bunch of forest-tree and science loving people!

Principal Investigator

Tanja is excited about evolution, population genetics, conifers, large genomes and Lapponian Herders! Tanja's CV

Laboratory Engineer
Post-doctoral fellows

Chedly Kastally is a post doctoral fellow working on demographic modelling, population genomic methods, pedigree analyses and is a skilled bioinformatician. He has his own Academy of Finland -funded project on population genomics of Ips typographus bark beetle.

Doctoral Researchers
Robert Kesälahti

Robert is a PhD student interested in allele-specific expression and genomic imprinting evolution in conifers.

Sandra Cervantes

Sandra is a PhD student interested on conifer haploid life stage effects on genetic diversity and purifying selection.

Trainees, students, assistants

Ilona Kortelahti, Integrative Plant Sciences Master's program, University of Helsinki



Pengyan Zhou, Nanjing Forestry University


Lab Therapist and Mascot

Uniaavan Sirni


Kaarle Mäkelä, research assistant

Pihla Kuikka, research assistant

Alina Niskanen, post-doctoral fellow

Jaana Vuosku, post-doctoral fellow

Visa Kamppari, research assistant

Favour Mba, research assistant

Janina Koskinen, research assistant

Nietos Hietanen, research assistant

Ysaline Perraud, Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in Evolutionary Biology