Research dissemination
Our group members are actively involved in teaching and research dissemination activities, including Master's and PhD level courses, as well as national and international seminar and conferences, academic visits and exchanges.

Examples of our international teaching activities.

2019 Aug 19-23, Helsinki, Finland - NOVA PhD course "Advanced Course of Innovation Systems in Circular Bioeconomy" organized by Prof. Anne Toppinen and postdoc Jaana Korhonen.

2017 Nov 20-23, Helsinki - AGFOREE intensive course "Green, Circular, Bio economy: limits and synergies of three sustainability avenues" organized by postdoc Dalia D'Amato. Download the course material here.

2017 Aug 28 -Sept 1, Helsinki, Finland - NOVA PhD course "Innovation Systems in the Bioeconomy" organized by Prof. Anne Toppinen and postdoc Jaana Korhonen. Download the course essays here.

2016 Oct-Nov, Jelgava, Latvia - NOVA-BOVA intensive course “An Introduction to Ecosystem Service Theory and Practices” held by postdoc Dalia D'Amato, PhD Brent Matthies and PhD student Arttu Malkamäki. 

Student supervision

Examples of recent M.Sc. thesis supervised by FBBS members:

2019. M.Sc. Tuuli Suomala: "Understanding the perceptions of urban citizens concerning a forest-based bioeconomy". Available here. Supervisors PhD trainee Arttu Malkamäki and postdoc Jaana Korhonen.

2019. M.Sc. Aleksi Aaltonen: "Viewpoints of residential Multi-Story Construction industry’s productivity, environmental regulations and future in Finland". Available here. Supervisors postdoc Elias Hurmekoski and postdoc Jaana Korhonen.

2019. M.Sc. Markus Stolze: "Analysing the reliability of forecast information provided by UNECE member States". Avilable here. Supervisor postdoc Jaana Korhonen.

2018. M.Sc. Simo Veijonaho: "Forest-based circular bioeconomy business models in Finnish SMEs". Available here. Supervisors prof. Anne Toppinen and postdoc Dalia D'Amato.

2018. M.Sc. Atte Koskivaara: "Future pathways of the bioeconomy and role of packaging sector". Available here. Supervisors postdoc Jaana Korhonen and prof. Anne Toppinen.

2018. M.Sc. Gintare Baublyte: "Gender Diversity in Swedish and Finnish Forest Industry Companies: Challenges and Enablers". Available here. Supervisors prof. Anne Toppinen and postdoc Jaana Korhonen.



Seminars and conferences

Examples of seminars and conferences attended.

2021, Jun 7-10, Tartu, Estonia (hybrid) - Ecosystem Services Partnership European Conference, presentation by PhD student Geethanjali Mariaselvam, session organization by Adj. Prof. Dalia D'Amato.

2020, Sep 10-11, Punkaharju, Finland. Seminar of human-forest relationships research network, presentation and workshop hosting by Tuomo Takala. 

2019 Sep 26-29, Helsinki, Finland - Forum Wood Building Nordic presentations by Prof. Anne Toppinen, postdoc Eliisa Kylkilahti, postdoc Heini Vihemäki.

2019 Jun 23-26, Ottawa, Canada - International Sustainability Transition Conference presentation by Prof. Anne Toppinen, presentation by postdoc Eliisa Kylkilahti and PhD trainee Noora Miilumäki.


Collaboration, visits and media

Examples of research networking and research dissemination activities.

2019 Apr - One month research visit by Adj. Prof. Dalia D'Amato to the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

2018 Mar - One month research visit by Prof. Anne toppinen to the University of Graz. 

2018 Mar -  FBBS researchers part of Cli­mate KIC, a pan-European partnership financed by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology.

2018 Mar - Two months research visit by postdoc researcher Jaana Korhonen to the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station in North Carolina, USA. The exchange visit is part of the project ORBIT

2018 Feb -  FBBS, together with partners from other eight institutes, part of a European-wide research net­work on Bioeconomy "Per­Form" funded by the European Forest Institute.