Research dissemination

2017 Nov 20-23, Helsinki - AGFOREE intensive course "Green, Circular, Bio economy: limits and synergies of three sustainability avenues" organized by postdoc Dalia D'Amato.

2017 Sept-Oct, Helsinki - AGFOREE course "Ecosystem services: a comprehensive introduction to theory and applications" held by postdoc Dalia D'Amato.

2017 Aug 28 -Sept 1, Helsinki, Finland - NOVA PhD course "Innovation Systems in the Bioeconomy" organized by Prof. Anne Toppinen and postdoc Jaana Korhonen. Download the course essays here.

2016 Oct-Nov, Jelgava, Latvia - NOVA-BOVA intensive course “An Introduction to Ecosystem Service Theory and Practices” held by postdoc Dalia D'Amato, PhD Brent Matthies and PhD student Arttu Malkamäki. 

2017-2018 MSc student Simo Veijonaho: "Forest-based circular bioeconomy business models in Finnish SMEs". Available here. Supervisors Prof. Anne Toppinen and postdoc Dalia D'Amato.

2017-2018 MSc student Gintare Baublyte: "Gender Diversity in Swedish and Finnish Forest Industry Companies: Challenges and Enablers". Available here. Supervisors Prof. Anne Toppinen and postdoc Jaana Korhonen.

2017-2018 MSc student Juan Castellano: "Impacts of Industrial Forestry Plantations on Local Communities: Case of Guangxi, China". Supervisors Prof. Anne Toppinen and postdocs Jaana Korhonen and Dalia D'Amato.

2016-2017 MSc student Dinglin Cai: "Ecosystem Services, Industrial Plantations and Rural Livelihoods: Case of Guangxi, China". Available here. Supervisors Prof. Anne Toppinen and postdoc Dalia D'Amato.




2018 Sep 24-27, Yaoundé, Cameroon - African Forest-related Policies and Politics, presentation by PhD student Arttu Malkamäki.

2018 Sep 10-12, Leeds, U.K. -Corporate Responsibility Research Conference 2018, presentation by postdoc Heini Vihemäki.

2018 Jun 27-28, Sofia, Bulgaria,  New Business Models Conference, presentation by Prof. Anne Toppinen "Forest-based circular bioeconomy business models in Finnish SMEs".

2018 May 22–25, Helsingør, Denmark - SSFE Conference, presentation by Prof. Anne Toppinen "Being one of the boys: perspectives from female forest industry leaders on gender diversity and the future of Nordic forest-based bioeconomy".

2018 May 15, Joensuu, Finland - Biofuture2025 Annual seminar, presentation by Prof. Anne Toppinen.

2018 Apr 11-13 Wageningen, The Netherlands - Second International Forest Policy Meeting, presentation by PhD student Arttu Malkamäki.

2018 Mar 12, Helsinki, Finland - Seminar "Deconstructing Myths in Wooden Multi-Storey Construction". Key note by Tomas Nord, Linköping University.

2017 Nov 24, Turku, Finland - YHYS Colloquium, presentation by postdoc Dalia D'Amato. 

2017 Sep 19-22, Freiburg, Germany - IUFRO conference, presentations by Prof. Anne Toppinen, post-doctoral researchers Dalia D'Amato and Jaana Korhonen and PhD student Arttu Malkamäki.

2017 Jun 20-23, Graz, Austria - 2nd International Conference on New Business Models. Conference paper by FBBS researchers Toppinen, Sauru and Berghäll granted "Best paper" award. Download the presentation here.

2017 Jun 20-23, Budapest, Hungary - ESEE conference, presentation by postdoc Dalia D'Amato "Green, Circular and Bio economy: a comparative analysis of sustainability concepts". Download the presentation here.

2016 Oct 4/7, Bogor, Indonesia - IUFRO conference, presentations by Prof. Anne Toppinen and PhD student Arttu Malkamäki "The socioeconomic impacts of large-scale tree plantations on local communities. A systematic review protocol".

2018 Mar - One month research visit by Prof. Anne toppinen to the University of Graz. 

2018 Mar -  FBBS researchers part of Cli­mate KIC, a pan-European partnership financed by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology.

2018 Mar - Two months research visit by postdoc researcher Jaana Korhonen to the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station in North Carolina, USA. The exchange visit is part of the project ORBIT

2018 Feb -  FBBS, together with partners from other eight institutes, part of a European-wide research net­work on Bioeconomy "Per­Form" funded by the European Forest Institute.

2017 Aug - Commentary article "Forest products markets research in the face of structural changes" by postdoc researcher Elias Hurmekoski (European Forest Institute). Read here.

2017 Jul - FBBS researcher Dalia D'Amato has visited the "The Bioeconomy in Transition Research" group at the University "Unitelma Sapienza" in Rome (26.07.2017).

2017 Jun - Brief commentary article on on International trade of forest products "Why to study tradeflows?" by postdoc Jaana Korhonen. Read here.

2017 May - Postdoctoral researcher Elias Hurmekoski from the European Forest Institute will be staying with us until December.

2017 Apr - Brief commentary article "Future of European pulp and paper in bioeconomy – where does the transformation come from?" by Prof. Anne Toppinen.  Read here.

2017 Mar - Brief commentary article "Green-Bio-or Circular- Economy?" by post-doc researcher Dalia D'Amato hosted in Alexandru Giurca's blog on Bioeconomy. Read here.

2017 Feb - Brief commentary article by PhD student Arttu Malkamäki published on Uutistamo, an online platform aiming to provide a studied perspective to different hot topics in finnish society. The news was picked up also by finnish magazines Tekniikka & Talous and Talouselämä and the swedish-speaking Smocka. An extract from the article is here provided in English: "Drawing upon his own research in Uruguay, Malkamäki discusses the nexus between land use changes, welfare of our pollinators, and the role of biological diversity - on which life as well as our own food security and capacity to adapt to other environmental stress is fundamentally built upon. The text is available only in Finnish." 

2017 Feb - Brief commentary article "Finns on ORBIT" by post-doc researcher Jaana Korhonen hosted in Alexandru Giurca's blog on Bioeconomy. 

2017 Jan 9-27, Helsinki - PhD student Alexandru Giurca from the University of Freiburg is visiting to discuss his research within the project "Lignocellulose based Bioeconomy: Actors and their Networks" under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Daniela Kleinschmit. 

Past events are listed here.