About us

Vision and goals

Our group, based at Department of Forest Sciences, builds on trans-disciplinary research collaboration on sustainable business management, specifically but not exclusively in the context of the forest sector. We understand sustainability as a multi-faceted concept including economic, social and ecological dimensions. In our research we adopt a system thinking, based on the idea that each local business is embedded in a global socio-ecological system.

We advocate for sustainable value creation between humans and ecosystem services, with an emphasis on on healthy forest ecosystems, renewable resources, and forest-based value-chains and products. Our work is directed towards enhancing the transition of bio-based businesses toward sustainable competitiveness. We adopt a bioeconomy perspective, without excluding the circular and green economy as sustainability visions.

Our methodological toolbox includes both quantitative and qualitative approaches, such as econometric and survey-based analysis, Delphi method, interview-based and case studies.

Collaboration and societal impact

We collaborate and rely on a solid network of multi-disciplinary researchers. Our research is produced in co-creation with a range of stakeholders, including companies, practitioners and forest owners. Research funding come from international and domestic bodies. Statitics about our research network snd societal impact can be found here.