A longitudinal study of pre-service and novice language teachers (SALLT)

Developing summative assessment literacy

Assessing students correctly is a question of national equivalence and individual fairness, given the fact that grades are used as the basis for further education. The purpose of this longitudinal study of pre-service and novice language teachers (SALLT) is therefore to investigate teachers’ summative assessment literacy at the end of their teacher education and of first year teaching, as well as factors influencing this literacy based on teacher cognition and language assessment theories as conceptual framework. The study will focus on language teachers in Sweden and Finland from three different institutions (Stockholm University, University of Helsinki and the project leader University of Gothenburg).

Expected results will provide new insights into how pre-service teachers and novice teachers develop assessment literacy, and help to offer recommendations with direct relevance to design new assessment initiatives within teacher education and schools.

To learn more about the study see the research project website.