Members of the Food Control research group
Janne Lundén, Associate Professor

I have focused during my whole veterinary medicine career on food safety. I graduated 1997 (DVM) from the University of Helsinki after which I have consequently deepened my academic and professional skills in food safety management both from the viewpoint of official control and food businesses. I defended my thesis on control of Listeria monocytogenes in food industry in 2004.

Since then, I have sought for challenges both in academia and food safety administration to broaden my understanding in food safety management. At present I am an associate professor in risk management in food safety at the Department of Food Hygiene and Environmental Health in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Helsinki. My goal in research is to increase science-based food control in order to decrease foodborne illnesses. 


Jasmin Joenperä, Doctoral Researcher

I study food fraud prevention in the ELIPET research project. I am a veterinarian and graduated from the University of Helsinki in 2015. Before beginning on the research project in 2018, I worked as a practicing veterinarian and an official veterinarian. I especially enjoy the multidisciplinarity of my research topic – food fraud prevention requires the cooperation of several different professions. Alongside my work, I specialize in environmental health. In my free time, I enjoy scouting, outdoors recreation, and knitting. 


Katri Kiviniemi, Doctoral Researcher

I am a veterinarian and graduated from the University of Helsinki in 2004. I specialized in Public Health Care in 2018. I started writing my PhD thesis in Janne Lunden´s group in autumn 2019. 

My research goal is to find new strategies for Food Control to cope with those Food Business Operators (FBO) that repeatedly receive the worst grades at Food Control inspections. With these new strategies the weakest FBOs could be motivated to improve their own risk control or forced to follow the regulations, which would result in better food safety. I have worked for a long time in municipal food control, so I think my research topic is very inspirational. 

During my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, sports and visiting our summer house. 


Mikko Kosola, Doctoral Researcher

I am doctoral researcher in a project that studies public health impacts of food control. I graduated as a veterinarian in 2020 from University of Helsinki, and began to work on my PhD at the same year. My background is in statistics (M.Sc, 2011). As a statistician I have mainly worked in nutrition research, so I have keen research interest in food from various perspectives. 

Jenni Kaskela, Doctoral Researcher


Niina Piira, Doctoral Researcher


Paula Saarimaa, Doctoral researcher
Mikko Turku, doctoral researcher