Activities include lectures, talks, and other events. List is non-exhaustive.


  • Palmroth, M., About citizen science in space physics, invited speaker and panellist, Citizen Science and Frontier Research: European Research Council Annual Event 2022,, Dec 7, 2022
  •   Palmroth M., Space and HPC, Earth Observation seminar series at Finnish Meteorological Institute, 25 Nov, 2022
  • Palmroth, M., Space is the new black, invited keynote lecture for University of Athens Astronomy and Astrophysics Colloquium (, Nov 16, 2022
  • Palmroth, M., Daring to think of the impossible: The story of Vlasiator, invited presentation in European Space Agency Cluster workshop (, Darmstadt, Germany, 7 – 11 Nov 2022
  • Palmroth, M., Kestävä avaruus, keynote lecture for the Helsinki Green Party group for science and technology,, 15.12.2022
  • Palmroth, M., Vlasiator – 6-ulotteista mallinnusta lähiavaruudessa, invited lecture in the monthly lecture series,, The Geophysical Society of Finland, Helsinki, Finland, 13.12.2022
  • Palmroth, M., Space and HPC, invited presentation for the Nokia Bell Labs leadership, Helsinki, Finland, 9.12.2022
  • Palmroth, M., Aurora and Space, invited lecture at Kauniainen musical festival,, Kauniainen, Finland, 5.11.2022
  • Palmroth, M., Invited keynote at ITS Finland event,, 2.11.2022
  • Palmroth, M., panellist at Tiedekulma event on space and resilience,, 23.9.2022
  • Palmroth, M., panellist at live children’s science question event at Tiedekulma,, 21.9.2022
  • Palmroth, M., panellist at Tiedekulma event about sustainable space economy,, 14.9.2022
  • Palmroth, M., Avaruus on uusi musta, invited keynote at a scout camp with 13,500 participants, Finjamboree Kajo, 16.7.2022
  • Palmroth, M., Modelling eruptions in the near-Earth space, talk for Aurorasaurus Ambassadors – a group of US and Canadian citizen scientists, 14.6.2022
  • Palmroth, M., Avaruussäästä ja sen mallintamisesta, SAFIR workshop for the preparedness community at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, 10.6.2022
  • Palmroth, M., Sustainable space, invited dinner talk to several Ambassadors, dinner hosted by the Ambassador of Finland in Austria, in connection to COPUOS meeting, Vienna, 1.6.2022
  • Palmroth, M., Varautuminen äärimmäisimpään avaruussäähän, Academy of Finland Crisis preparedness seminar, 25.5.2022
  • Palmroth, M., Varautuminen äärimäisimpään avaruussäähän, Regional Defence course, Ylihärmä, 20.5.2022
  • Palmroth, M., invited expert at Finnish Parliament,, 3.3.2022
  • Palmroth, M., Mitä on äärimmäinen avaruussää, invited speaker in a seminar towards Finnish local preparedness authorities, 20.1.2022, online
  • Emilia Kilpua: Invited lecturer (two lectures) at Radiation Belt Dynamics and Remote Sensing of the Earth’s Plasmasphere school, L’Aquila, Italy, 25-29 September, 2022
  • Emilia Kilpua: Invited lecturer at the International Space Science School (ISSS), 24-26.11.2022, Brazil
  • FORESAIL team is in the process of putting together a 2 credit ‘Sustainable Space’ MOOC course   
  • FORESAIL Observations Team leader E. Kilpua was selected as the Finnish delegate of the ESA Science Program Committee
  • FORESAIL Observations Team leader E. Kilpua was selected as the president of the EGU Solar-Terrestrial Sciences Division



  • FORESAIL Buzz Day, 4.12.2020 (Zoom)
  • Space Turism Forum Porvoo –paneeli, Haaga-Helia Porvoo, 26.11.2020. Panel discussion: Ethical and sustainable space technologies for space exploration. Moderator: Darren Trofimczuk. Panel participants: Annette Toivonen, Pekka Janhunen, Maija Lönnqvist
  • Avaruuden strateginen merkitys Suomelle, Valtioneuvoston kanslian ForeSight Thursday- event 22.10.2020, Minna Palmroth (speaker),
  • FORESAIL Buzz Day, Design and Science, 19.5.2020 (Zoom)
  • FORESAIL Buzz Day, University of Turku, 14.2.2020
  • Finnish Satellite Workshop, 20-22.1.2020, Aalto University, Dipoli, Espoo