About us

The project includes two subprojects that deal with situated learning from different perspectives. The first one focuses on language learning at the workplace, mainly on a hospital ward. The second one concentrates on computer-assisted learning.

Language use at a hospital ward

We analyze the use of Finnish language on a hospital ward, especially from the point of view of nurses. Our aim is to provide knowledge to help the non-native nurses to learn professional Finnish, and to increase language awareness at the workplace and nursing education. The collaboration partner in the project is the Helsinki area hospital district (HUS).

Our data consist of videorecordings (e.g. ward rounds, discharge discussions) and written data (electronic patient records) from one hospital ward. We have also conducted interviews and surveyed the linguistic landscape of the ward by taking photos.

Digital interactive kitchen

LanCook was a 3 year EU-funded Lifelong Learning project which began in December 2011. The project involved the creation of language learning materials in 7 languages which integrate the next generation of innovative approaches to language learning with technology.

Using digital sensors and a task-based language learning approach, LanCook’s materials are designed to promote a genuinely situated language learning experience of a real-world activity. Video data from the LanCook digital kitchen have been used also in the project “Finnish as a second language and situated learning”.


Salla Kurhila (principal investigator): salla.kurhila_at_helsinki.fi
Lari Kotilainen: lari.kotilainen_at_helsinki.fi
Inkeri Lehtimaja: inkeri.lehtimaja_at_helsinki.fi
Johanna Komppa: johanna.komppa_at_helsinki.fi