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Mikael Fortelius

Professor of Evolutionary Palaeontology
Department of Geosciences and Geography, University of Helsinki

  • Evolution of mammal communities and circumstances of early human environments

  • Evolution of Eurasian land mammals and terrestrial environments

  • Ecometrics of fossil and living mammals

  • Development, function and evolution of mammalian teeth

  • Scaling problems in functional systems

Room B140, Office hour: Tue 13-14

Phone: +358 50 5337267

Kari Lintulaakso

Data curator, PhD

  • mammalian community structures and their relation to environment and climate

  • taxon-free approaches in mammalian communities


Juha Saarinen

Postdoctoral researcher, PhD

  • paleoecology and ecometrics of mammals and their paleoenvironments
  • body size evolution of mammals 
  • paleodietary analyses of proboscideans, xenarthrans, ungulates and other herbivorous mammals
  • extending mesowear methodology for new tooth morphology types
  • mammal osteology, ecomorphology and evolution

Room C114, Physicum

Laura K. Säilä

Postdoctoral Researcher, PhD

  • Phylogenetic paleobiogeography

  • Phylogenetic comparative methods

  • Constructing large scale phylogenies/supertrees with fossil taxa

  • Replacement patterns

  • Cenozoic mammals

  • Human/carnivore interactions during the Pleistocene

Room C114 

Diana Pushkina

Researcher, PhD

Janina Rannikko

PhD student, MSc

  • Plio-Pleistocene African suids, their evolution and extinction

  • Environmental changes in Turkana Basin during the last 8 Ma

  • Dental traits and their correlation with diet and environment

  • Former Kurtén Club host

Room C120

Aleksis Karme

Doctoral student

Seela Salakka

Doctoral student

Otto Oksanen

Doctoral student

Indrė Žliobaitė

Data scientist-in-Residence (Assistant Professor at Dept. of Computer Science)

  • evolutionary palaeontology, teeth, macroevolution

  • data science, machine learning, concept drift

Room D232 in Exactum, Office hour: on Wednesdays 13-14