Work practice experience in SpecIAnt

Elias Onodera, a 15-year-old middle school student, spent two weeks working in SpecIAnt through a work practice program. Thank you Elias!

Did you know that in Finland, as part of the study program, all 15-year-old middle school students attend a work practice program? This means that they apply to work for 1-2 weeks in a company of their choice to gain experience in working life. Also university research groups are an option! Our SpecIAnt group had the priviledge to offer such an internship recently. It was a great experience!

In a blog post written by our intern Elias Onodera, for the science communication project Ötökkäakatemia (“Bug Academy”), you can read Elias’s own thoughts on the period!

It can be find here: https://www.ötökkä (only in Finnish).