Welcome new MSc students Giovanna Marques Villani & Anna Välkki

ESB would like to welcome two new MSc students: Giovanna Marques Villani and Anna Välkki, both working with Dr Rose Thorogood

Giovanna has a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil and moved to Finland to study for her MSc degree. Giovanna has extensive experience working with Neotropical Primates in the Atlantic Forest and also at zoos and sanctuaries during her Bachelor research projects and volunteer work. She is now focusing on sensory ecology, conservation and evolution and is most excited by variation in primate colour vision, its selective pressures and potential evolutionary routes. She is currently doing her Master's Thesis with Amazonian Primates at Korkeasaari Zoo to understand if their color vision affects the way they learn about warning signals. 

Anna is a fifth year student of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Helsinki. She is interested in all kinds of life forms, birds being top favorite. This has inspired her to do her Bachelor's thesis about the evolution of birds, and to now start a Master's thesis about reed warbler song in the Information ecology & coevolution group. Anna will compare song complexity of Finnish and Central European reed warblers by recording songs in reedbeds of Finland and using citizen science databases. Her main interest is to see if complexity is reduced at the range front due to less competition because of lower population densities.