Welcome new MSc students Elisa and Raphael

ESB would like to welcome two new MSc students: Elisa Nygård and Raphael Martin Roy, both working with Dr Jonna Kulmuni at Team Speciant

Elisa is a third year biology student, focusing on ecology and evolutionary biology. She's been a genuine nature lover since a kid and fascinated about all organisms, but mostly insects and birds. Nowadays her main interests are figuring out how various environmental conditions affect different species and linking them with conservational issues. She's doing her Master's thesis with hybrid ants at Team Speciant, trying to solve whether they have differences in temperature tolerance. On her freetime she's an active student organization member and engaging in numerous events.

Raphael is a 22 years old French student from the university of Poitiers currently doing Master's project in the Team Speciant. His work here consist of looking at hybrid populations of ants to see if their survival is correlated with temperature using data collected over a period of 15 years. To do so, he will be looking at allele frequency as a proxy for survival. For the future, his goal is to do a PhD and study speciation and evolution mechanisms using diverse genetic tools.