Welcome new MSc student Chaitanya Bhargava!

Chaitanya Bhargava has joined the ESB-group to conduct his MSc project with Rose Thorogood and Purabi Deshpande.

Chaitanya is a Master's student in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program at the University of Helsinki. Coming from India, he has been fascinated by the diverse flora and fauna of the subcontinent and his interest in the field of ecology started with a desire to be up-close with the lives of birds through his camera. He documented their nuances through pictures and by recognizing each odd bird call that he registered and made that into a short report on local birds. For his bachelor's thesis he studied the effects of urbanization on bird community structure, now for his master's thesis he is investigating whether urban frugivorous birds in Helsinki prefer the fruits from the native or from the introduced plant species and if there is a preference, reflect on whether that could lead to further ecological implications. Chaitanya is being supervised by Rose Thorogood and co-supervised by Purabi Deshpande with his thesis.