Welcome new masters students: Nora Bergman and Adriana Luna

Nora and Adriana have joined the ESB-group to complete their MSC theses with Rose Thorogood.

Nora is a student in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Helsinki. She is especially interested in how interactions between and within species shape natural communities, and what evolutionary processes are involved. In her Master's thesis, she will be using a genomic dataset to study the population structure and origins of reed warblers in Finland. This is the northernmost range edge of the species, first colonized only 100 years ago. Nora aims to compare genetic variation and look for gene flow between range edge and range core populations. This genetic take is linked to one current research interest of the Information ecology and co-evolution group: how range expansions affect the coevolution of brood parasites (cuckoos) and their hosts (reed warblers).

e-mail: nora.bergman@helsinki.fi

Adriana is a 23 year old exchange student from Spain, and came to Helsinki to finish her Master's degree in Biodiversity. In her thesis, she is studying the relationship between behavioural syndromes and cuckoo-defence strategies in Reed warblers (Acrocephalus scirpaceus). studying cuckoo defense strategies in Reed Warblers. She previously studied a Masters of Ethology, and conducted different behavioural research with neotropical primates. Her research interests are quite varied and she hope to keep working on ethology and biodiversity conservation.

e-mail: adriana.luna@helsinki.fi