Welcome new intern: Mélissa Peignier

I have a strong interest in the study of sociality, especially the drivers of its evolution, potentially resulting in conflicts and cooperation. In that context, I joined the ESB-group in February 2018 for a 6-months internship, as part of my 2nd year of MSc degree which takes place in France.

My work is under the supervision of Heikki Helanterä. Together we study a classic conflict-related trait in social insects: begging by the offspring. It can take different forms and function as an honest or dishonest signal of need. Insect offspring, for instance, often signal their hunger chemically. So, we will use a comparative approach to investigate larval hunger signalling in Formica ants. Especially, we will investigate the influence of kinship on the honesty of begging signals.

e-mail: melissapeignier@hotmail.fr