The SpecIAnt group is releasing two preprints on wood ant genomics

Whole-genome assembly of a single wood ant individual and reconstruction of the speciation history between Formica aquilonia & F. polyctena

The first preprint introduces the assembly and annotation of a Formica aquilonia x F. polyctena hybrid genome using long read data. This genome is the first released for red wood ants and it represents an important resource for future genomic studies in these species.

The second preprint documents the speciation history between Formica aquilonia and F. polyctena by comparing multiple population pairs sampled across Europe. These comparisons highlight a similar divergence history between the two species across their ranges, but also show recent gene flow between them in Finland, where they are known to hybridise. This second paper is a collaborative effort with several colleagues from Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, UK and Finland!

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Cost-effective long-read assembly of a hybrid Formica aquilonia × Formica polyctena wood ant genome from a single haploid individual.

Pierre Nouhaud, Jack Beresford and Jonna Kulmuni:

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Whole-genome analysis of multiple wood ant population pairs supports similar speciation histories, but different degrees of gene flow, across their European range.

Beatriz Portinha, Amaury Avril, Christian Bernasconi, Heikki Helanterä, Josie Monaghan, Bernhard Seifert, Vitor C. Sousa, Jonna Kulmuni and Pierre Nouhaud: