The 'Ecology and Evolution of Interactions' research group is joning the ESB group!

Welcome to all members of this group, led by Johanna Mappes

The ‘Ecology and Evolution of Interactions’ research group, led by Johanna Mappes, has its main base of operations at the University of Helsinki, but still have people and critters at the University of Jyväskylä, as well as alumni scattered worldwide. This lab has long-standing interests to understand the behavioural and genetic processes that underscore variation in animal interactions. Their main line of questioning investigates the evolution of polymorphism within populations and divergence between populations.

The ‘Ecology and Evolution of Interactions’ research group primary study system is the polymorphic wood tiger moth, Arctia plantaginis. Here they have a long-term project investigating populations at depth across Europe and the northern hemisphere. They also have major projects taking place with snakes, poison frogs, beetles and butterflies.

Some projects focus on the relationships between species, from the conflict between predators and prey to the mutualistic cooperation of symbiotes. Other projects look to the relationships among members of the same species, such as those involved with sexual selection.

For further information, check their website here!