New SpecIAnt research in conferences and Youtube!

In these events, Beatriz Portinha discusses exciting results on speciation in mound-building wood ants

On September 30th, Beatriz (PhD student at the SpecIAnt research group) presented her recent results regarding the speciation history between the mound-building wood ants Formica polyctena and F. aquilonia (, at the 7th annual meeting of cE3C (Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes, University of Lisbon).

This month, Beatriz will also give a talk about this topic at the joint online conference Social Insects Network, which combines the V Workshop on Social Insects, the XXV Myrmecology Symposium, and the VI Termitology Symposium. The event will take place from the 11th to the 15th of October and a recording of the talk is already available online (!