Finnish researchers featured in Philosophical Transactions special issue on cuckoos of many kinds

With colleagues from the UK, South Africa, and Australia, Rose Thorogood (HiLIFE & OEB / FBES) has recently edited a special issue of Philosophical Transactions B on brood parasitism - where parents trick other species to rear their young.

Together with Steven Portugal (Royal Holloway University of London), Ros Gloag (University of Sydney), and Claire Spottiswoode (University of Cape Town / University of Cambridge), ESB-PI Rose Thorogood (HiLIFE & FBES) now has a special issue on brood parasitism published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B.

The goal of the special issue was to bring together (i) research that was using new approaches to answer long-standing questions or challenge assumptions (hyperlinks lead to example papers from the issue), and to (ii) include studies on brood parasites from across the animal kingdom. Although widespread in animals from insects, fish, and birds, papers on brood parasitism rarely cite each other across these taxonomic boundaries, as shown using bibliometric analyses in the Introduction article. The issue also includes (iii) reviews and opinion articles that present new ideas and ways of thinking about brood parasitism. In this way, the special issue aims to be like reciprocal co-evolution: new approaches spark new ideas, that then generate further novel advances.

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