Congratulations to Sarella for her HiLIFE research trainee scholarship!

Sarella will work with Rose Thorogood´s group between January and April 2022

Sarella Arkkila was awarded the HiLife trainee scholarship for 2022 to continue working on her master’s thesis on the effect of the landscape of fear on the parenting behaviour of the Eurasian Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus scirpaceus).  Sarella will continue to work in Rose Thorogood’s research group (Information ecology and co-evolution research group), where she is analysing data collected during field work 2021. Sarella did her bachelor´s in animal behaviour and is excited to continue working on this topic.

HiLife provides 10 trainee scholarships a year to undergraduate students to partake in research within life sciences. The traineeship lasts for four months of full-time work and is a great opportunity to gain experience in the researching world.