Congratulations to Purabi Despande, Teresa Abaurrea and Nora Bergman for being awarded grants!

Three of our members from Rose Thorogood's Information ecology and coevolution project have recently received funding to support their graduate studies - well done!

Purabi Deshpande (pictured right) received a generous grant from the Kone Foundation that will fund her PhD research into how climate change and urbanisation are affecting the ecological interactions between birds and plants.

Teresa Abaurrea received an annual grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation to kick off her PhD research on the role of maternal effects in the begging behaviour of cuckoos.

Nora Bergmann (pictureed left) was awarded one of the 2020 HiLife research traineeships. This will pay her a salary for 3 months while she works alongside postdoc Katja Rönkä, and uses genomic data to uncover the population history of reed warblers in Finland.