Congratulations to Nora Bergman for her LUOVA doctoral researcher position!

Nora has just started her doctoral studies in the 4-year position, working with Dr Rose Thorogood, Dr Craig Primmer and Dr Katja Rönkä

In her PhD Nora will combine genomic and behavioural methods to study the drivers and consequences of range expansions in highly mobile species. Can high dispersal capability help a species to maintain genetic diversity even during rapid range shifts? Do certain behaviours facilitate the colonization of new areas? In order to find answers, Nora will study local and range-wide patterns of genomic and behavioural variation in the Eurasian reed warbler, a migratory passerine that has recently experienced a rapid northward range shift in response to environmental change.

Nora is a part of the Informed Birds research group, and her PhD is funded by the LUOVA doctoral programme (University of Helsinki).