Congratulations to Carly Lynsdale for her new position!

All the best to Carly in her new research group, the Life-History Evolution group, lead by Associate Professor Marjo Saastamoinen.

Carly will be leaving the ESB group in the new year to start a 2-year postdoc, remaining at the University of Helsinki, with Associate Professor Marjo Saastamoinen, as part of the Life-History Evolution group. In her new project, Carly will be investigating the trans-generational effects of climate and nutritional stress - specifically how variation stressors impact male reproduction and survival, and whether this gives rise to variation in subsequent offspring fitness. This will help her to understand how environmental variation can drive potential resource-allocation trade-offs, and subsequently shape life-history evolution. Carly will investigate this topic using observational and experimental data from a long-term study system - the Glanville fritillary (Melitaea cinxia). 

More information about Carly and her research can be found here:


Twitter: @CarlyLynsdale