Check out our recent publications!

Team ESB has been productive the beginning of 2019, with a good amount of papers published already!

During the first few months of the year, our team has published ten new papers. There is a great variety of subjects, ranging from methylation to dispersal and from viruses to mongooses. Read more about the exciting research behind the links below:

1.     Stucki, D. Freitak, D. Bos, N. Sundström, L. 2019 Stress responses upon starvation and exposure to bacteria in the ant Formica exsecta. PeerJ, 7: 26428 ( )

2.     Dhaygude, K. Johansson, H. Kulmuni, J. Sundström, L. 2019 Genome organization and molecular characterization of three Formica exsecta viruses. PeerJ6:e6216 ( )

3.     Morandin, C. Brendel, V.P. Sundström, L. Helanterä, H. Mikheyev, A.S. 2019 Changes in gene methylation and expression networks accompany caste specialization and age-related physiological changes in a social insect. MolEcol preprint FEB 27 2019 ( )

4.    Pulliainen, U. Helanterä, H. Sundström L. Schultner, E. 2019 The possible role of ant larvae in the defence against social parasites. ProcRSocB ( )

5.     Vitikainen, E. Thompson, F.J. Marshall, H.M. Cant, M.A. 2019. Live long and prosper: durable benefits of early-life care in banded mongooses. PhilosTransRSocB 374: 1770  (

6.      Cotter, S.C, Pincheira-Donoso, Thorogood, R. 2019 Defences against brood parasites from a social immunity perspective PhilosTransRSocB 374:1769 (

7.      Thorogood, R. Spottiswoode, C.N. Portugal, S.J. Gloag, R. 2019 The coevolutionary biology of brood parasitism: a call for integration PhilosTransRSocB 374:1769 (

8.      Briolat, E.S.  Burdfield‐Steel, E.R  Paul , S.C Rönkä, K.H. Seymoure, B.M. Stankowich, T. Stuckert, A.M.M. 2019 Diversity in warning coloration: selective paradox or the norm? BiolRev 94:388-414 (

9.      Hakala, S.M. Seppä, P. Helanterä, H. 2019 Evolution of dispersal in ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): a review on the dispersal strategies of sessile superorganisms Myrmecol. News 29: 35-55 ( )

10.    Dhaygude, K. Nair, A. Johansson, H. Wurm, Y. Sundström, L. 2019 The first draft genomes of the ant Formica exsecta, and its Wolbachia endosymbiont reveal extensive gene transfer from endosymbiont to host. Uploaded on bioRxiv X/2018; BMC Genome, in press