Check out our recent publications!

Since you're stuck inside under quarantine, why don't you check out some of our exciting new publications?

During the end of last year, and the beginning of this year, our group has been busy publishing our research. As always, our groups research interests are wide and varied. We also made the cover of two publications recently! Check out our exciting research from the links below:

1.   Nouhaud, P. Blanckaert, A. Bank, C. Kulmuni, J. (2020) Understanding Admixture: Haplodiploidy to the Rescue. TREE. 35 (1), 34-42. (

2.   Hakala, S. M. Ittonen, M. Seppä, P. Helanterä, H. (2020) Limited dispersal and an unexpected aggression pattern in a native supercolonial ant. Ecol. & Evol, 00: 1-15. (

3.    Schultner, E. Pulliainen, U. (2020) Brood recognition and discrimination in ants. Insectes Sociaux, 67, 11-34. (

4.   Inzani, E. Marshall, H. H. Thompson, F. J. Kalema-Zikusoka, G. Cant, M. A. Vitikainen, E. I. K. (2019) Spontaneous abortion as a response to reproductive conflict in the banded mongoose. 15(12). (

5.   Brelsford, A. Purcell, J. Avril, A. Tran-Van, P. Zhang, J. Brütsch, T. Sundström, L. Helanterä, H. Chapuisat, M. (2020) An Ancient and Eroded Social Supergene Is Widespread across Formica Ants. Current Biology, 30 (2).(

6.   Hämäläinen, L. Mappes, J. Rowland, H. M. Teichmann, M. Thorogood, R. (2020) Social learning within and across predator species reduces attacks on novel aposematic prey. (