Birds are struggling more and more to find bird feeders in Finland during the cold winter!

Katja Rönkä was interviewed on Yle uutiset to explain all about this research

Katja Rönkä (post-doc researcher at the ESB group) and Anna Haukka (Finnish Museum of Natual History (LUOMUS)) were interviewed by Anniina Wallius (Yle uutiset) about the questionnaire they are conducting to investigate why there are less bird feeders in Finland than in previous years.

Birds strongly rely on feeders placed in the backyard of people´s houses during the hard Finnish winter; however, Aleksi Lehikoinen from LUOMUS found out that in previous winter bird surveys the number of feeding sites has decreased. These findings contradict data from Ruokavirasto that indicates that the amount of bird food imported to Finland has increased. The questionnaire, created as a collaboration between Aleksi´s and Rose Thorogood´s research groups, will help to better understand the reasons behind this mismatch.

The interview can be accessed here in video format (min 14:00), here for written format, and here in audio (min 05:28).

If you want to contribute to this research, the survey can be accessed in Finnish here and in Swedish here, until 31.03.2021.