HiLIFE Trainee project in Ecological Statistics Dives Deep into Baltic Ringed Seal population dynamics

There was a time when ringed and grey seals thrived throughout the Baltic Sea. , today they have become a rare sight, with ringed seals in particular confined to a few scattered locations across the Baltic. Let HiLIFE trainee Murat Ersalman explain why
On Thin Ice: Baltic Ringed Seals in Peril

Just a few weeks ago, Murat Ersalman embarked on an exciting 4-month internship funded by HiLIFE. During this internship, he will be working alongside the Environmental and Ecological Statistics Group at the University of Helsinki and the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). Together, we aim to develop mathematical and statistical models that can predict future population sizes of Baltic ringed seals, and if things go well, perhaps grey seals too. We are particularly interested in the effects of hunting, fishing and climate change.

The whole introduction of Murat's HiLife project can be found from the link below.