HEPP has been awarded Two Horizon Europe Consortia for 2024-27

The European Commission has recently approved funding for two consortium projects on emotional politics and social contract based in HEPP.

We are delighted to announce two Horizon Europe-funded consortia, resulting from the bottom-up collaboration of HEPP and partner research groups.

The COntinuous COnstruction of resilient social COntracts through societal transformations (CO3) consortium received 3M-euro funding in the call for the Democratic governance for times of disruptive changes to the social contract, HORIZON-CL2-2023-DEMOCRACY-01-06. The collaboration between Anna Björk and Demos Helsinki (DRI) team and Emilia Palonen from HEPP. The interim leader for the project starting 1 February is Szilvia Horváth who joins University of Helsinki from ELTE in Hungary.

Politics of Grievance and Democratic Governance (PLEDGE) consortium received 2.8M euro EU funding the emotional politics of democracies call at the HORIZON-CL2-2023-DEMOCRACY-01-04. The PLEDGE project preparation was led by Mikko Salmela together with Ruta Kazlauskaite and Tereza Capelos from the UK. The coordinator for this project starting on 1 February is Emilia Palonen from HEPP, in collaboration with Mikko Salmela who takes over from 2025.

Find out more about each project in our Research Projects section, along with comments from Palonen and Salmela here.