HEPP at the FPSA Annual Conference

Hundred years of political science – Future, past, present

The main annual scientific event of the Finnish Political Science Association was held at the University of Helsinki from 11 to 13 May 2022. The theme of the conference was Hundred years of general political science – Future, Past, Present. The presentations highlighted the current state and future of the broad discipline from different perspectives, ranging from climate change politics, youth engagement, and administration to history politics, populism and more.  

The HEPP primus motor and former FPSA chair (2018-22) and IPSA Executive Committee member Emilia Palonen gave an opening speech to begin the conference, after which the IPSA president Prof. Dianne M. Pinderhughes greeted the participants and reflected on the transformed political science.  


The working group Populist challenges and emotional appeal in and beyond the pandemic, chaired by Emilia Palonen, Ilana Hartikainen and Emilia Lounela, brought together many HEPPsters to discuss all things populism – this time in person! The papers in the working group addressed affective identification, the role of emotions in populism, and the effect of COVID-19 pandemic on these questions. Participants presented on a varied group of political challengers, populist, anti-elitist parties, and movements from the perspective of emotional appeals. We discussed changes in political party landscapes, the emergence of small far right and radical right parties in Finland, and the way online communications are shaping populist politics. We had 10 interesting presentations in the working group, spanning through 3 sessions, and insightful discussions after each session. Additionally, we enjoyed the spring in Helsinki over food and drinks, too.