Guest Talks with Maria Esperanza Casullo 27-28 May

The Helsinki Hub on Emotions Populism and Polarisation, HEPP research group welcomes the visit of Maria Esperanza. The visit is co-funded by the Finnish Research Council funded The Trans-Atlantic Partnership project ENDURE.

27 May 14-16 Guest talk on populism theory with Maria Esperanza Casullo, Argentina: We need to talk about the body: populist performance and the polarization of new political cleavages around gender and ethnicity.  The presentation will highlight the ways in which the populist frontier between us and them is demarcated using the body and bodily performances based on transgression and hybridization. Moreover, women, sexual diversities and ethnicized populations are usually located into the "other" camp, with so-called "cultural" cleavages taking precedence over economic or distributive issues. The process of polarization based on the body might have negative long-lasting consequences for democracy. (Chair: Virpi Salojärvi)

28 May 14-16 Guest talk on the new right in Latin America with Maria Esperanza Casullo: What is new in the new right? Javier Milei's rise and the prospects for democracy in Argentina. Javier Milei's election to the presidency of Argentina caused shock waves in Latin American politics. His campaign discourse was built on the combination of a radical libertarian pro-business agenda (deregulation, privatization, dismantling of the welfare state), with all of the topics of the contemporary far right: anti-feminism, rejection of the human rights agenda, pro-guns, among others. Is Milei an outlier, or is he the face of the new world far right?  (Chair: Kleber Carrilho)

Dr. Maria Esperanza Casullo (Universidad Nacional de Río Negro, CONICET Argentina) is a scholar who has been working widely on performative dimension of populism and populist leadership. The talk is part of her research visit and tour in Europe, where she has been sharing insights on Left Populism, the theory of populism and performativity, as well as the situation in her native country, Argentina.

Nuevo libro: "El populismo en América Central. La pieza que falta para comprender este fenómeno global", en coautoría con Harry Brown Araúz:

Libro: "¿Por qué funciona el populismo? El discurso que sabe construir explicaciones convincentes de un mundo en crisis", publicado por Siglo XXI editores.

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