Our research currently focuses on investigating the following areas: First, to understand and conceptualize psychological and socio-cultural factors related to learning and educational change (e.

g., students’ and teachers’ conceptualizations of learning and change, their epistemologies and epistemic emotions, thinking strategies and attributions, self-efficacy, and their perceptions of learning environment). Second, to identify and describe features of various learning environments that may promote or prevent students’ meaningful learning, well-being and agency. Third, to investigate how learning is socially, culturally, technologically, and organizationally mediated. Fourth, to understand the possible factors that may lead to withdrawal (drop out) from learning practices at different levels of education and to propose theoretical and methodological perspectives on learning culture and interaction that promotes engagement, commitment and interest. Fifth, to investigate and develop the collaborative and creative practices of progressive inquiry, phenomenon-based learning, and play-based approaches in education. Finally, our aim is to look at learning, conceptual change and the development of expertise in different domains, for instance, teacher education, leadership, engineering, and natural sciences.

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