Wine & Science seminar series

This seminar series gives researchers in our group as well as visiting scientists a chance to present their work, with plenty of time for discussion. Welcome!

Spring 2019 seminar programme

October 4


Prof Roderick Dewar

Plants and probability: survival of the likeliest

October 25


Kaisa Rissanen  Ecophysiology of conifer resin and VOC emissions

November 15


Dr Liisa Kulmala and Qvidja team Increasing soil carbon sequestration in Finnish agricultural lands - from processes to politics (CarbonAction)

If you are interested in giving a presentation, don't hesitate to contact Jon Atherton or Albert Porcar-Castell and book your slot!

Time and location

Every 3rd Friday (dates can vary!), starting 14 or 15

Room 332 unless announced otherwise , Forest Sciences Building, 3rd floor, Viikki

Potential speakers 

The Wine & Science seminars provide a valuable channel of constructive criticism from a wide and multidisciplinary audience on your work. Anyone from a PhD student to a Professor can give a presentation. Wine Seminars are a great way to present ongoing work and discuss preliminary results so that the seminar has a chance to feedback on your work. Finalized studies can also be presented. The audience is usually composed of MSc and PhD students, postdocs and senior staff with diverse backgrounds, so it is good to prepare a few introductory slides.


Topics cover the measurement, characterization and modelling of physical and physiological ecosystem processes and their interactions with the environment and climate (very broad indeed!). If you doubt whether your subject fits in, don't hesitate to contact Albert Porcar-Castell or Jon Atherton.

For the audience

Wine & Science seminars are a great chance to learn new things, interact with other research topics, and come up with new ideas, synergies and even collaborators! The series is also a great place for visiting scholars to give a talk.