Team members of the Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics research group
Frédéric Guillaume

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, 2005, University of Lausanne, Switzerland.
Postdoc 2005-2009 in Whitlock's lab at UBC (SNSF funded), Vancouver, Canada.
Independent junior group leader (SNSF funded), 2009-2013, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.
Assistant professor (SNSF funded), 2014-2021, University of Zürich, Switzerland.

I am an evolutionary biologist trained in population and quantitative genetics. My research has a strong computational component. I develop the Nemo forward-time simulation software since my PhD. I more recently fell for experimental evolution and the little critter we use in the lab, Tribolium castaneum.

Master Students

Markus Hiukka

Kristiina Pulli


Dr. Charles Rocabert