Arto Urtti, Group Leader

Arto Urtti is professor of biopharmaceutics at University of Helsinki. He holds similar part time position at University of Eastern Finland and leading scientist position at St. Petersburg State University.  He is expert in drug delivery and pharmacokinetics, especially in the context of ocular drug delivery.

Heidi Kidron

Heidi Kidron is a University Researcher at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences in the University of Helsinki. Her research is focused on drug transporters and she leads the drug transporter research group within the drug delivery unit.

Sina Bahrpeyma

Sina Bahrpeyma graduated from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (Pharm.D., 2013), and is completing his Doctoral Program in Drug Research (University of Eastern Finland, from January 2018) as well as being a visiting researcher at University of Helsinki. Currently, his research focuses on melanin and melanosome binding for ocular drug delivery with the aim of identifying a new therapy for untreated eye diseases such as Age-related Macular Degeneration (Dry-AMD).


Madhushree Bhattacharya

Madhushree is a University Researcher with a background in peptide chemistry, biomaterials and cell based assays. Her current research focuses on development of peptide based conjugates for targeted and sustained drug delivery to the posterior segment of the eye. Developing cell-based assays to validate and study mechanistic aspects of intracellular delivery is an integral part of her research.

She likes to spend her leisure moments with family, culinary arts and music.


Marja Hagström

Marja reserved her MSc in chemistry (analytical chemistry) from university of Helsinki in 2007. She started working in faculty of pharmacy in March 2011. She provides analytical services with liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry instruments (LC-MS), including method development, compound identification and quantitative analysis with suitable technique. She has related working experience also from Verifin and Finnish institute of marine research.

Jaakko Itkonen

Jaakko is a doctoral student, who's research is on different aspects of protein therapeutics, from their
small-scale production to characterization. Most of his work has focused on CNTF, a neurotrophin with potential applications in satiety management and treating neurodegenerative diseases of the retina and the central nervous system.

Otto Kari

Otto is  an undergraduate researcher coordinating Ph.D. research and projects related to biocorona formation on nanoparticles, and development of ocular drug delivery systems and cancer therapeutics.

Wilma Kiander

Wilma received her MSc. Pharm. degree from University of Helsinki in 2013. She started pursuing her doctoral degree in 2017. Her research focuses on genetic variants of OATP1B1 transporter protein and their effect on in vitro functionality of the transporter and in vitro in vivo extrapolation and prediction of their clinical impact.

Eva Ramsay

Eva is a doctoral student and visiting researcher from University of Eastern Finland. Her research focuses on tools for ocular drug delivery and pharmacokinetic research such as ex vivo drug permeability studies combined with pharmacokinetic simulations and QSPR modeling.

Shirin Tavakoli

Shirin received her Pharm.D degree from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Iran in 2013. She started her doctoral studies in 2016 by working on NANOMED project (H2020-MSCA-ITN). Her research is focused on drug delivery and targeting to retina by nanomedicines.

Vijayabhaskarreddy Junnuthula

Vijay is PhD student who's current work focuses on intravitreal delivery of nanocarriers and development of nanomedicine library as well as pharmacokinetic models.

Alli Tikkanen

Alli received her MSc. in Pharmacy from University of Helsinki in September 2019. In her doctoral research she will focus on interindividual differences in drug response caused by genetic variation and drug interactions mediated by the drug transporter OATP2B1.