We are a group of highly motivated professionals in the fields of cancer genetics and cancer prevention.
Minna Nyström

Professor, PI

Minna Nyström works as Professor of Genetics and Epigenetics. She has nearly 30 years of experience in the field of colon cancer and especially Lynch syndrome research. She has had an active role in both the identification of the Lynch syndrome related genes and mutations as well as the bettering of Lynch syndrome recognition through over 60 scientific publications in the field. Prof. Nyström is also the leading inventor of DiagMMR®, a novel carrier test to detect inherited  mismatch repair deficiency, which indicates Lynch syndrome.

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Marjaana Pussila

Postdoctoral researcher

I did my PhD in the field of cancer genetics under supervision of Professor Minna Nyström. In my thesis I studied the colon cancer preceding gene expression changes in a mouse model of human Lynch syndrome. After completing my doctoral thesis in 2017 I continued studying the cancer preceding field-defect in human Lynch syndrome mutation carriers as well as in sporadic patients.

Minttu Kansikas

Visiting Scientist / LS CancerDiag Ltd

After completing my undergraduate degree in genetics in Bristol, UK, I joined Professor Nyströms lab in 2008 to study the mismatch repair (MMR) mechanism in cancer. Our research focus evolved from studying the MMR mechanism and its components, to the functional assessment of MMR gene variants, and finally to utilizing functional MMR deficiency to recognize cancer susceptibility. In 2014 I defended my doctoral thesis and continued to work on the development and implementation of the method at LS CancerDiag.

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Jaana Putula

Visiting Scientist / LS CancerDiag Ltd

I have earned a master's degree in molecular biology and gene technology from the University of Eastern Finland in 2008. I continued my studies as a PhD student at the University of Helsinki and defended my thesis in 2014. My PhD studies involved cell biology and biochemistry as I studied orexinergic receptors and their interaction with ligands. Currently I am working at LS CancerDiag where I am involved in the production of DiagMMR assay. This cell-based assay is used as a diagnostic tool in the detection of the most common cancer syndrome in the world. The work combines very nicely my previous knowledge of cell biology and gene regulation but also offers new challenges. One of these challanges took place in 2018 when I was named as company's quality manager. This resbonsibity have raised my knowledge of authority regulations of in vitro medical devices and quality management system.

Anu Harju

Visiting Scientist / LS CancerDiag Ltd

I have been working as a laboratory technician for over 30 years mostly in different research groups in University of Helsinki. In March 2020 I started working in LS CancerDiag, supporting the daily laboratory operations and participating in DiagMMR sample handling.

Tea Kuivala

Visiting Scientist / LS CancerDiag Ltd

I have just started my Master’s studies in Genetics and Molecular Biosciences. My Bachelor’s thesis was about how red and processed meat play a part in increasing the risk of colorectal cancer. Currently I’m working at LS CancerDiag and I’m eager to learn more about colorectal cancer - especially about the molecular basis of inheritance.

Mikael Kyriacou

Master´s student

I graduated as BSc from the University of Helsinki in 2019. During my studies I developed a great interest in molecular biology and genetics, which prompted me to write my Bachelor’s thesis on Lynch syndrome and its genetic background. Currently I’m in my second year of study in the Genetics and Molecular Biosciences Master’s Programme and I’m working on my Master’s thesis in the research group of Professor Minna Nyström. My Master’s thesis focuses on characterizing the transcriptome-wide effects of reduced MLH1 expression in human fibroblast cells. Due to my particular interest in cancer genetics, in the future I hope to have a career in cancer research or drug development.

Annukka Ruokolainen

Visiting Scientist / LS CancerDiag Ltd

I am interested in molecular biology methods, biochemistry and enjoy daily wet lab work. I finished my master’s degree in 2005 and laboratory analyst’s degree in 2008. I have worked at the University of Helsinki since graduation in many research groups, mainly in ecological research but also cancer research. I joined LS CancerDiag team in March 2021 as a laboratory technician.


Mariann Kasela, PhD

Laura Vähätalo, PhD

Sonja Nykänen, M.Sc

Jukka Kantelinen, PhD

Laura Knaapi, M.Sc

Valtteri Juntunen, B.Sc

Anni Dohlen, M.Sc

Pauliina Paloviita, M.Sc

Emmi Kärkkäinen, M.Sc

Satu Valo, PhD

Mirva Tirkkonen

Denis Dermadi Bebek, PhD

Laura Sarantaus, PhD

Saara Ollila, PhD

Satu Candelin, M.Sc

Mari Korhonen, PhD

Reetta Kariola, PhD

Tiina Raevaara, PhD