LUMATIKKA is a continuing education initiative for teachers and staff from early childhood to upper secondary education.

The goal of the initiative is to help teachers to improve their competences in mathematics as well as in the teaching of mathematics.

Project leader Professor Maija Aksela, University of Helsinki

Involvement of staff at the University of Helsinki Swedish elementary teacher education
University lecturer Laura Tuohilampi
- content expertise for training resources

University teacher Ulrika Ekstam
- content expertise for training resources

Professor Erika Löfström
- expertise in university pedagogy and pedagogical solutions in virtual/blended learning environments
- evaluation of training concept

Project activities

In the project phase,  the continuing training initiative is carried through in blended learning environments including f2f and distance learning. During the project, course contents will be collected into a virtual learning resource. This resource will be devised as a massive open online course (MOOC) freely available after the project phase ends.

Cooperation and funding

Finnish National Agency for Education, 2018-2019

Aalto University
University of Helsinki
University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+
University of Eastern Finland
Oulu University of Applied Sciences
University of Oulu
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Åbo Akademi University

Contact information and links

Project leader Professor Maija Aksela:
University lecturer Laura Tuohilampi:
Professor Erika Löfström:

All project contact information
Lumatikka webpage