The research project targets how antidemocratic forces in the form of online hate speech impact active citizenship, and particularly asks how education for active citizenship can develop to take digital antidemocratic forces into consideration, bearing in mind that online hate speech tends to be divided unevenly, targeting particularly women and people belonging to minorities.

The project is an interview study with young people who have experience in activism as well as online hate and harassment. The purpose of the project is to analyze the effects of online hate and harassment has on activism and active citizenship, and to find out how active citizenship education could develop to take antidemocratic forces into consideration.

Research team

Research leader: Pia Mikander

Researchers: Anna Slotte, Jenni Helakorpi, Gunilla Holm

Research assistant: Sofia Henriksson

Cooperation and funding

Svenska folkskolans vänner.

Contact information

Pia Mikander