Study with strength
The aim of the research project is to enhance well-being, study skills and mental resources among upper secondary school students.

Twelve upper secondary schools in Finland participate in the project, which is based on an explicit need expressed by the schools. Study with Strength is a joint research project between the University of Helsinki and Folkhälsan Research Center.

Research methods

The study follows a partly randomized wait list control group design. The effects of an intervention course in positive education, which combines both theory and practice, is measured. The research follows a mixed methods approach and the data-collection consists of pre and post standardized questionnaires, salivary samples measuring cortisol levels, oxytocin and inflammation markers as well as in-depth interviews with both students and teachers.

Cooperation and funding

This is a joint research project between the Faculty of Education and Folkhälsan Research Center.

Funding: The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland (funding received 2019 and 2021)

Research team

Monica Londen, project leader
Åse Fagerlund, project leader 
Stefania Fält, Ph.D-student
Nina Hongell-Ekholm, research assistant
Pehr Jakobsson, research assistant
Miivi Selin-Patel, research assistant
Julia Simonsen, research assistant
Niels Främling, research assistant
Niklas Korhonen, research assistant


Monica Londen, project leader
Åse Fagerlund, project leader