STELLA - Teacher education students and pupils learning and reading comprehension

The purpose of the project is to analyze how multilingual students express their reading comprehension in discussions with each other, and how teacher education students develop their didactic skills in reading strategies.

Research questions

  • How does the students express their reading comprehension?
  • What language skills and resources do students use to communicate their understanding in group interaction?
  • How do teacher education students express their didactic understanding in the planning, implementation and evaluation of text work in the classroom?
  • Are there differences in the outcome of the survey in Finland and Sweden?
Project team
Project activities

Our intention is to conduct a study in multilingual classrooms in grades 1-3 and 7-9, in Finland and Sweden. The study is conducted in collaboration with the teacher education students’ practice. In the project we investigate both fictional texts and factual texts in the Swedish subject and the social orientation topics.


Anna Slotte & Kirsi Wallinheimo, presentation at ISD, Stockholm University, 4.12.2018

Cooperation and funding


Stockholm University  1.2.2018–31.7.2019


Stockholm University: PhD Katarina Rejman, docent Elisabeth Zetterholm

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