All Children Included!
The aim of the project All Children Included! is to study how young children include and exclude other children in organized and free play in early childhood education centers.

Since very little research is done in this field in Finland, we expect to produce new knowledge for municipalities, daycare centers, teacher education and researchers on the ways children exclude, bully, and include other children. The study is done from an intersectional perspective within a theoretical framework based on critical racialization and whiteness theories as well as earlier research on inclusion among young children. We expect to observe inclusion/exclusion based on, for example, racialization, language, social class and gender. The is an ethnographic study conducted in 20 daycare centers. The study consists of participant observations of children’s activities and behaviors as well as interviews with daycare personnel (center leaders, teachers in early childhood education and childcare workers).

Project team

Gunilla Holm, Professor and project leader

Monica Londen, Senior university lecturer in early childhood education and care

Jan-Erik Mansikka, Senior university lecturer in early childhood education and care

Christina Landén, Technical assistant

Maria Saloranta, Doctoral student


The project is funded by a grant from the Foundation for Brita Maria Renlund’s Memory (Stiftelsen för Brita Maria Renlunds Minne)

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