We are an international group of people with diverse scientific backgrounds.
Juha Partanen, Prof., group leader

Juha got his Ph.D in 1993 under the supervision of Prof. Kari Alitalo (University of Helsinki). In his thesis work Juha identified and characterized novel growth factor receptors, including additional members of the fibroblast growth factor receptor (Fgfr) family and Tie1, an important regulator of blood vessel growth.

Juha spent years 1994-1998 as a post-doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Janet Rossant (Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Toronto). During this time he used gene modified mice to study the functions of growth factor signaling in the development of embryonic vasculature and embryonic patterning.

In 1998, Juha established his own research group at the University of Helsinki. The main interest of the lab is in the intercellular signals and gene regulatory molecules driving differentiation of specific neuron types in the midbrain and anterior hindbrain.

Parul Singh, Post-doctoral fellow

Since February 2019, Parul is working as a post-doctoral researcher in developmental neurogenetics groups. Her studies are focused on molecular, anatomical, and functional characterization of midbrain GABAergic neurons involved in the regulation of sleep.

Before joining the current position, Parul received her Ph.D. degree in November 2018 from the Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow, India. During her Ph.D., she studied the role of miRNA in neuronal development and neurotoxicity. Particularly, she explored the changes in miRNAome upon ethanol mediated neurotoxicity.

Lassi Virtanen, researcher
Samir Sadik-Ogli, researcher
Outi Kostia, Laboratory coordinator

I'm Laboratory coordinator working at the Molecular and Integrative Biosciences Research Programme and in the Partanen lab.

Dissertations from the group
  • 2020 Laura Tikker: GATA transcription factors and their co-regulators guide the development of GABAergic and serotonergic neurons in the anterior brainstem (ethesis:
  • 2012 Jonna Saarim√§ki: Fibroblast growth factor signaling in the development of the midbrain and anterior hindbrain (E-thesis)
  • 2012 Paula Peltopuro: Transcriptional regulation of GABAergic neuron differentiation in the developing diencephalon, midbrain and anterior hindbrain (E-Thesis)
  • 2012 Laura Lahti : FGF signaling in neurogenesis and patterning of the developing midbrain and anterior hindbrain (E-thesis)
  • 2010 Kaia Achim: Regulation of GABAergic neuron identity and diversityin the developing midbrain (E-thesis)
  • 2007 Tomi Jukkola: Fgfr1 regulated gene-expression, cell proliferation and differentiation in the developing midbrain and hindbrain (E-thesis)
  • 2005 Nina Trokovic: Fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 in craniofacial and midbrain-hindbrain development (E-thesis)
  • 2005 Ras Trokovic: Fibroblast growth factor 1 signaling in the early development of the midbrain-hindbrain and pharyngeal region (E-thesis)