Our response for the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus pandemic 2019-2020).

The COVID-19 pandemic is an immediate global challenge and in the current crisis situation our focus has to be saving human lives and also improving the way we respond to outbreaks in general. In the past few days, COVID-19 has started acting a lot like the once in a lifetime pathogen we have been worried about.

Members of the scientific community around Finland are stepping up to find answers to the many questions the pandemic raises. Experts are working together, both inside and outside of laboratories, to provide the best information directly to the public, to coordinate research priorities, and much more. Arguably, no expert community has a more important role to play in finding the solutions the world needs and communicating trustworthy information to the public.

To deal with the situation we are currently focusing on development of serological tests and antivirals for COVID-19. We are also trying to apply and secure more funding from EU and other sources so that we can put more effort and manpower in achieving this and saving lives.

In crisis situation like this we have two equally important objectives. Firstly, to solve the immediate problem and secondly to keep it from happening again.