Two papers accepted to KR 2018

Two papers from the Constraint Reasoning and Optimization group will be presented in November 2018 at KR 2018, 16th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning.

The Constraint Reasoning and Optimization contributes to KR 2018, a central biannual conference on knowledge representation and reasoning, with two research papers.

A Hybrid Approach to Optimization in Answer Set Programming, co-authored by Paul Saikko and Matti Järvisalo together with Mario Alviano (University of Calabria) and Carmine Dodaro (University of Genova), presents a first adaptation of the so-called implicit hitting set approach to solving optimization problems in the context of the rule-based non-monotonic constraint programming framework of answer set programming (ASP), resulting in a competitive ASP optimization system.

Extension Enforcement under Grounded Semantics in Abstract Argumentation, co-authored by Andreas Niskanen and Matti Järvisalo together with Johannes P. Wallner (Vienna University of Technology), proposes and evaluated three first declarative approaches for the task of extension enforcement in the context of argumentation dynamics, allowing for extending current enforcement systems with support for this particular argumentation semantics.