Two papers accepted to AAAI 2020

Two research papers by the Constraint Reasoning and Optimization Grouphave been accepted for publication in the proceedings of AAAI 2020, a top annual conference in artificial intelligence.

The Constraint Reasoning and Optimization contributes to AAAI 2020 with two papers:

  • Finding Most Compatible Phylogenetic Trees over Multi-State Characters by Tuukka Korhonen and Matti Järvisalo develops a new hybrid approach to solving maximum compatibility for multi-state characters, making use of both declarative optimization techniques (specifically maximum satisfiability, MaxSAT) and an adaptation of the Bouchitté-Todinca approach to triangulation-based graph optimization problems. Empirically, the approach outperforms earlier proposed approaches w.r.t. various parameters underlying the problem.
  • Deciding Acceptance in Incomplete Argumentation Frameworks Andreas Niskanen and Matti Järvisalo, co-authored with Daniel Neugebauer Jörg Rothe (University of Düsseldorf, Germany) develops algorithms for NP-hard and coNP-hard variants of acceptance problems over incomplete abstract argumentation (incomplete AFs) framework via harnessing Boolean satisfiability (SAT) solvers, and provides new complexity results for keptical acceptance in incomplete AFs, ranging from polynomial-time computability to hardness for the second level of the polynomial hierarchy.