Paper accepted to Artificial Intelligence Journal

The article provides and detailed overview the 2020 SAT Competition and an extended empirical analysis of the results of the competition.

The article SAT Competition 2020 co-authored by Matti J√§rvisalo of the Constraint Reasoning and Optimization group together with Nils Froleyks (Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria), Marijn Heule (Carnegie Mellon University, USA), Markus Iser (Karsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany), and Martin Suda (Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic), has been accepted for publications in Artificial Intelligence, a leading international journal in the field of AI.


The SAT Competitions constitute a well-established series of yearly open international algorithm implementation competitions, focusing on the Boolean satisfiability (or propositional satisfiability, SAT) problem. In this article, we provide a detailed account on the 2020 instantiation of the SAT Competition, including the new competition tracks and benchmark selection procedures, overview of solving strategies implemented in top-performing solvers, and a detailed analysis of the empirical data obtained from running the competition.