Järvisalo to give keynote talk at SAFA 2018

Matti Järvisalo invited to give the keynote talk at the 2nd International Workshop on Systems and Algorithms for Formal Argumentation in Warsaw, Poland.

Matti Järvisalo of the Constraint Reasoning and Optimization group has been invited to give the keynote talk at SAFA 2018, 2nd International Workshop on Systems and Algorithms for Formal Argumentation, taking place September 11, 2018 in Warsaw, Poland in conjunction with COMMA 2018, 7th International Conference on Computational Models of Argument, the main conference in its field.

The keynote talk is titled SAT for Argumentation, with the following abstract.

I will give a personal account of success in harnessing modern Boolean satisfiability (SAT) solver technology to the development of practical reasoning systems for computational models of argumentation. SAT solvers and their incremental use play a central role in some of the best current argumentation systems for NP and beyond-NP "static" reasoning tasks, such as acceptance problems over argumentation frameworks, as highlighted by the ICCMA argumentation system competitions. Going beyond static problems, I will also overview recent progress in practical SAT-based algorithms for reasoning about forms of argumentation dynamics. If time permits, I will further shortly discuss applications of SAT for reasoning about acceptance in structured argumentation formalisms.