Training and Services

Services and collaborations of the Computational Drug Discovery
Services and collaborations

Inquiries about Services and Collaborations should be directed to the PI (see Contact). When relevant requests might be redirected to the Drug Discovery and Chemical Biology network.


We teach course PROV-605 Computational Methods in Medicinal Chemistry (5 ECTS). This course is available to UH student and takes place every spring. We are also involved in PROV101 Lääkkeen kehitys ja prekliininen arviointi. Additionally we are involved in special PhD courses.


We are welcoming students for:

  • Summer work, when funding is available (students from the University of Helsinki)
  • M.Sc. studies (students from the University of Helsinki, or through the Erasmus or another exchange program). Applications for Erasmus should be made in very early Autumn to allow a start in the following spring.
  • Visiting Ph.D students from other Universities. These applications should be planned in due time to allow external grants (such as COST actions) to be sought and to arrange mobility.

Note that no recruitment of PhD students is planned in the next few years (the size of the group is suitable). Many of the former PhD students have conducted their M.Sc. studies in the group. Postdoctoral researcher positions are announced on the University recruitment site. Postdoctoral researchers with a strong CV interested to build a grant application are invited to contact me every spring for an application the next fall.

The backgrounds of the students in the group have been traditionally mixed (biophysics, bioinformatics, pharmacy, chemistry) although current members are almost all experienced programmers. We have been able to propose purely computational studies as well as shared research projects at the crossroad of molecular modeling and chemistry or pharmacology, where students have for example designed compounds and synthesized them, or virtual screened library and experimentally tested the virtual hits. We have been keen to welcome visitors for short and long periods (usually erasmus lab visits or visiting PhD students). In recent years more focus has been placed to recruit student with a background that includes computer/science and statistics.